Self Defense

The ability to protect yourself and your loved ones is priceless. Don’t be a victim. These courses are designed to teach basic situation awareness, basic defense and how to egress safely out of dangerous situations. In any situation having a basic plan and the ability to communicate plan is key to survival and the protection of the loved ones around you.

Availability: Private, Corporate 


  • Empty Hand Techniques level 1 [8 hours]
  • Couples / Team Tactics level 1 [8 hours]
  • Active Shooter [4 hours]
  • Children Self Defense level 1 [4 hours]

  • Empty Hand Techniques Level 1 [8 hours]
  • Active Shooter [4 hours]
  • Group Tactics [2 Days]
  • Complete Weapon Defense [2 Days]

Knife Tactics

Designed and instructed by Chris Caracci, these courses will enable you to learn how to defend yourself, your family and your friends with edged weapons. You will gain confidence in your ability to control situations, utilize environments and defend against bigger, stronger opponents. The goal of these courses is for students to reach a comfortable and confident level of basic knife self-defense, carry and handling and retention.

Availability: Private, Corporate, LE/Military

Private / Corporate

  • Defense with a Knife level 1 [8 hours]
  • Defense against a Knife level 1 [8 hours]
  • Knife Tactics level 1 [ 2 Days ]
LE / Military

  • Knife Tactics level 1 [ 2 Days]
  • Knife Tactics Level 2 [3 Days]

Travel Safe

Traveling can be very stressful. Become an expert traveler by being prepared for any situation. Eliminate the unknown by proper planning. We will teach you how to safely navigate the world, properly secure your electronic devices, backup identification documents, and understand international laws.

Availability: Private, Corporate


  • Travel Safe Level 1 [4 hours]
  • Travel Safe for Teens [4 hours]
  • Navigation and Tactics [4 hours
  • Internet Security Abroad [4 hours]

  • Travel Safe level 1 [4 hours]
  • Team Navigation and Tactics [4 hours]
  • Evacuation Planning Abroad [4 hours]
  • Internet Security Abroad [4 hours]

Cyber Security & Internet Safety

Cyber Security & Internet Safety
The cyber security and internet safety instruction is designed to offer basic and advance level awareness for children, young adults, parents and professionals. Blade Tactical gives hands on training and exposure to the latest techniques in personal / corporate security, privacy and policy awareness, and the mitigation of social media and online pitfalls.

Availability: Private, Corporate


  • Internet Safety for Kids [2 hours]
  • Internet Safety for Parents [2 hours]
  • Basic Computer & Network [4 hours]
  • Social Media and online Awareness [4 hours]

  • Travel Safe: Public Internet [2 hours]
  • Advanced Imaging and Preservation [4 hours]
  • Policy and Audits [4 hours]
  • Intrusion: What to do if you get hacked? [4 hours]

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